16 colors, 5 thicknesses and optical quality

Secdem mainly works with the most expensive Polymethacrylate (or PMMA): the one labeled "optical quality".

Or, to use a colloquial name: cast Plexiglass and not extruded.

Optical quality Plexiglas offers 92pc light transmission: better than the best glass, which, as a reminder, achieves 91pc transmission!

It's no small feat when it comes to watching the road go by and its traps well sheltered behind your bubble.

This choice to use the most expensive Plexiglass is made relevant by the "soft" way of industrializing it. Hot forming makes it possible to retain all the optical properties of the raw material. Unlike vacuum forming, which "pulls" on the material and generates micro-tears damaging to transparency ... and to driving comfort.

Secdem thus offers 16 colors and 5 thicknesses of PMMA in permanent stock:

Color available:Available colors: Colorless, Smoke gray, Dark smoke, Red, Dark red, Fluo red, Black, Orange, Dark brown, Light brown, Yellow, Fluo yellow, Dark blue, Light blue, Fluo blue, Green, Fluo green.

Available thicknesses:2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm

Any other color or thickness remaining possible on special order.

It should also be noted that we work with polycarbonate, lexan® and Magyard® on demand or according to expressed needs.