More than 50 years of experience

Created in 1967, the French company SECDEM (for Société Etude de Construction D'Engin Mécanique), aims to improve the protection of the rider and the aerodynamics of his motorcycle by developing windshields and windshields specifically designed for each model.

It is the first company dedicated to the aerodynamic protection of motorcyclists created in Europe.

Very involved in competition in general (the company manufactures in addition to bubbles, fiberglass fairings), SECDEM deploys its know-how and develops its aerodynamic expertise by supporting the greatest GP and Endurance champions of the 1970s. .

All the teams have at one time or another used SECDEM fairings and / or screens.

The beginning of the 80s will see the number of competitors multiply and SECDEM will no longer be the only specialist in aerodynamic protection. Strategically, the decision was made to focus only on the bubbles, windshields and nose screens and to put the fairing department to sleep.

An intense period of innovation followed: Secdem developed and patented in 1985 the universal screen: “Speedy”. In 1997, Secdem will be the first manufacturer in the world to offer a double curvature screen (for the needs of Suzuki Japan), an innovation which will be taken up by all competitors and which remains today the archetype of the racing screen.

Sold by its historic creator in 2005, the bubbles of the Secdem company will now be called Bullster, parallel with the name of its new owner… the Bagster company.

2007, the Holding Trophy Group bought Bagster and Bullster and soon separated from Bullster: the only technical activity of a group focused on clothing and luggage.

It was therefore in 2010 that Secdem regained its independence and its historic name.

Since that date, Secdem has established itself as the leader in the old motorcycle bubble, while remaining up to date in terms of developments for current machines.

SECDEM never forgetting that the moderns of today will become the old ones of tomorrow!