8200 references
screen motorcycle and windshield scooter

Since 1967, Secdem has accumulated more than 50 years of developments to accompany each generation of motorcycle or scooter marketed since then. This is how Secdem has 8,200 unique references of windshields, windshields and nose screens, ready to equip your machine, whether new or old.

Secdem is the only brand in the world to have such a history, such experience and such a catalog.

Behind the 8,200 references developed since 1967 are in fact hidden the real historical treasure of Secdem. The mussels accumulated over all these years, carefully preserved and maintained.

From these 450 different molds, Secdem knows how to produce each of the 8,200 references sold.

This heritage, unique in the world, makes it possible to produce any existing reference in the brand's catalog in less than 30 minutes.